MG Metro 6R4 - International Rally Car



We owned this car for the last 26 years and it has been successful throughout its career.

Winning the National Rallycross Supercar Championship in 1996.

In 2015 it was the only original 6R4 to win a rally outright, in fact,

30 years since Tony Pond took the 6R4's first outright victory

It has a valid MSA Rally Logbook, genuine 6R4 chassis number, V5 and MOT.
Genuine 6r4 logbook and registration with interesting history.
Concours d'elegance winner 2008 as judged by John Davenport, Mike Garton and the late Rob Arthur.

The car is fitted with many mechanical and electronic upgrades such as:

Motec ECU with twin lambda control, sequential injection and ignition, coil on plug, etc....
Motec SDL datalogging backlit dash with GPS stage mapping, brake bias monitoring, fuel level, live delta time, etc...
Displays a whole array of car parameters configurable to drivers choice.
Ultra fast ethernet datalog download port.
Motec Shift Light module - upshifts, downshifts and alarm lights configurable to drivers choice.
Motec PDM30 - solid state electric control and distribution
CAN based backlit switch panel.
CAN based vehicle communication system connecting all devices, Latest motorsport loom.
Extensive datalogging and analysis makes for easy driver improvements and swift fault diagnosis and rectification.

Heavy Duty Big Tooth dogbox.

Works spec centre diff, front and rear LSD diffs. 
Natural frequency balanced suspension set up.
Electric water system.
Electric PAS system - very rare works quick rack
Latest lightweight wide track wheel set up.
Quick release bodywork system.
Rare works carbon/kevlar honeycomb doors.
In date, quick release seats and belts.
Carbon dash.

This car is currently setup and used for modern Rallying and Hillclimbing.

Footage of this car in action on the Promenade stages can be seen here.

Winning the 2018 rally challenge final round (8 wins from 9 starts).