Ltd offer a wide range of in house services.

Shown below are some examples of the work and services we provide:


  • Complete Car Resurrection
  • Engine rebuild, development, installation and mapping
  • Bespoke transmission design and manufacture
  • Component design and 3D modelling
  • Motorsport Wiring Looms designed and built to order
  • CNC & Conventional machining services
  • Broken stud removal and thread restoration
  • Race car build & development
  • Vehicle transport & On-event Support
  • Data Analysis & recommendations
  • Carbon Fibre panels and repairs
  • Welding and fabrication of aluminium and stainless
  • Cellette Body Jig - 6R4 shell repair


6 Speed Sequential Bespoke Transmission

Unique Billet Quick Release Race Design

The Ultimate Billet Remote Oil Filter
Carbon Panel design, mould and manufacture    
CNC Milling and Turning
Race Car Preparation & Storage

Engine Build & Installation - all types

'800bhp Twin Turbo V64V'


1920's Fraser Nash 'Brooklands' Engine

20+ bhp !!!!


JUDD 4.0 V8 F1 Engine - 640BHP

Modern ECU Upgrade & Remap

  Transport & On-event Support
'Michelin 6R4 Shell' Resurrection - Before   'Michelin 6R4 Shell' Resurrection - During   'Michelin 6R4 Shell' Resurrection - After
Gould GR37 Upgrade - Before Gould GR37 Upgrade - During Gould GR37 Upgrade - After